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“Starter Company PLUS has helped give me the tools I need to take my business to the next level and help distinguish myself in a competitive market!”

– Katherine McDonald, Owner of Your Healthy Beginning

The science of weight loss is often seen as a beast to overcome, or a challenge that one has to put their body through. Katherine McDonald, owner of Your Healthy Beginning believes that the true secret to weight loss is to live a healthy life, and that’s why her business focuses on guiding you through the process of understanding how to love the way you live.

Katherine (Kat), who has a bachelor’s degree in Human Kinetics, is no stranger to the struggles of weight loss. Throughout the course of her 10-year weight loss journey Kat has come to understand the psychology behind the process of losing weight and has taken what she has learned and turned it into an online fitness program.

Working with the Digital Main Street team to transform her website to make it more user friendly, a key-factor in creating a detailed social media plan so that Kat could promote her fitness programs and drive more clients to sign up.

Your Healthy Beginning offers a variety of workout programs and challenges, along with detailed meal prep guides. Being a digital first business means that all of these programs, guides, and videos are available to clients 24/7 online. Some of the meal guides listed through the website have garnered over thousands of views, and the Pinterest board for Your Healthy Beginning has an impressive monthly viewership of 1.2 million.

With help from the Starter Company PLUS program, Your Healthy Beginning looks to expand their offerings and increase the quality of new video content and training guides with an upgraded camera system and lights.

You can check out their website to start your fitness journey & make sure follow on social media to stay up to date.

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Post Author: Adam Gibeau