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Teethal Patel – EzShop

When searching for what he would be doing with his summer after finishing his last year at Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School, Teethal Patel was not expecting that he would be working for himself, let alone launching and running his own business.

When asked about what drove him to apply to the Summer Company program Mr. Patel explained: “My best friend, Ved (a former Summer Company participant), told me about the program which is what got me into it. He told me about how the program teaches people how to get their business up and running. He told me how the program provides support in terms of money, what steps to follow to make your business successful, keeping track of your income/sales and much more.”

With the wind in his sails, Mr. Patel completed much research before opening EzShop – an  e-commerce solution for people looking for outdoor products, cellphone accessories, computer accessories, and more!

Mr. Patel explained, “Nowadays, people mainly shop online and an e-commerce store is mainly run by websites and other online resources. So I started thinking, why not take advantage of that and start an e-commerce business called EZShop.”

As a participant in the Summer Company program, Mr. Patel has been working with the Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre in developing his business plan and furthering his education on the different aspects of running a business.

To learn more about EzShop or to pick up some accessories, look out online for:

Post Author: Candy Pollard