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With a crown rested upon her head and flowers in her hair, Sadie Thompson is ready to bring the beauty of Amaré Crowns to the world.

Amaré (which is Italian for “self love”) is a big part of what drove Miss Thompson to create her new business, Amaré Crowns. The business will focus on the creation of custom-made flower crowns, designed with both real and forever flowers in a variety of colours. The crowns will be available as custom pieces for order, or ready to wear right away.

Part of Miss Thompson’s business inspiration came from a day-trip she took with a friend she had made who was new to Canada. “We were getting ready to go to Ottawa for her birthday, and she was explaining how she was a little sad as in her culture she would have been wearing a flower crown to celebrate the pride of turning a year older” Miss Thompson recounted. “Right there I said, let’s go make one! And we rushed to the florist.”

Soon after they would spend the rest of the trip up to Ottawa creating their crowns in the back of the car. “Once we got to Ottawa the reactions were incredible!” said Thompson. “People were commenting on how much they loved our crowns, how beautiful the flowers were, and it was clear what I needed to do.”

As a participant in the Summer Company program, Miss Thompson has been working with the Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre in developing her business plan and furthering her education on the different aspects of running a business.

To learn more about Amare Crowns, look out online for:

Post Author: Adam Gibeau