The following programs provide specific support to the food and agriculture sector, please click the links below for more detailed information.

Safe Food for Canadian Regulations Handbook

The handbook provides a general overview of the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR) to help you:

  • review and navigate through the SFCR, and
  • access other important electronic guidance materials to help you understand how these requirements impact your business.

Food Label Requirements

Labelling requirements, claims, understanding labels, legislative framework, food fraud, notices to industry and updates.

Packing Food in Containers

Provides information related to packing food in containers and food packaging which may help operators to mitigate associated food safety risks.

Food Truck Business Guides

The food truck business can be rewarding. If you’ve ever thought about making good meals on the go, this guide on launching a food truck business is for you.

Starting a Farm in Ontario – Business Information Bundle for New Farmers

Whether you currently own farmland or are looking to purchase, rent or lease acreage, starting a new farm business requires planning.

Starting a Food Processing Business in Ontario

Information and services to help you start, operate and grow a food and beverage manufacturing business.

Starting a Food Selling Business in Ontario

Ontario’s food sellers give consumers the opportunity to enjoy their food purchases in a variety of locations. Food selling is commonly organized into two groups – food retail and foodservice.

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