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By: Adam Gibeau

With an ever-growing plan in mind, Healthy You has risen to the challenge and has come to an agreement with Own the Ice Hockey to run the high-performance training centre for all competitive teams in Cornwall and surrounding areas.

The timing could not have come better for Healthy You owner Dante Bean, who saw opportunity arise when Own the Ice Hockey’s previous trainer had left the facility.

“I’ve been working on growing the Healthy You brand, so when this partnership opened up, we saw ourselves as the perfect fit.” Explained Bean.

Trying to run a fitness business during a pandemic was “different, to say the least.” Explained Bean.

Mr. Bean is no stranger to the Cornwall teams, having played hockey here from the ages of 3 to 16, he also helped facilitate the Cornwall Colts Junior A Camps. With an ignited focus on training from the age of 18, Dante has over 5+ years experience in developing various 1 on 1 training modules and plans. With certifications in Fitness & Health and in Nutrition, Healthy You brings the complete training package to its clients.

Dante has spent the better part of the pandemic reaching out to the community to offer his personable training sessions right out of a home-built gym. Now having access to the Own The Ice facility, the offerings from Healthy You are increasing.

With protein shakes, supplements, vitamins, branded fitness apparel, and more available, Healthy You offers solutions for your pre & post nutrition plans. Also welcomed are regular monthly members who want to be a part of the fitness programs.

“The City of Cornwall really needs a high-performance centre specializing in sports that offers specific training with a focus on educating the athlete in pre and post nutrition, that’s why we’re here” says Bean.

Post Author: Adam Gibeau