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By: Adam Gibeau

A new retail experience for cannabis has arrived in Cornwall. Groove Cannabis has opened its doors in the east end and is eager to serve the city.

Immediately upon entering the store, a giant Led Zeppelin mural greets you as you enter. You will note the beautiful bright space, filled with musical influences adorned all over the walls.

A key difference in the Groove presentation is a top-notch product display.

“It’s important for people to be able to come in and see the products they are looking for. They want to be able to make informed choices and that’s why we want the products to be showcased.” Explained owner Michael Langburt.

Coming from over 7+ years in the cannabis industry, owner Langburt is familiar with what Groove needs to do to set themselves apart in the marketplace, having come from a retail background, his family owning Kastners. A big part of that presentation is innovating the experience, adapting to the local clients, and figuring out what the consumer wants.

Groove offers a variety of cannabis products ranging from flowers and edibles to vaporizers, pre-rolls, capsules and infused beverages. Customers can order from a digital kiosk, or as recommended speak to a staff member for a more personalized experience.

“That experience,” explains Langburt, “is going to be like buying wine. You’ll have a dedicated person who will be able to explain the flavours, the effects, how it’s grown. The products here are safe, they are tested, they are regulated.”

In regards to opening their doors and getting customers in, Groove did not experience many setbacks.

“Everything went as smoothly as it could, less Covid, of course…” Recounted Langburt.

Many of the products that Groove carries are from well-scouted producers, many of whom owner Langburt has met with or worked with in the past. Most of the equipment, tables, and counters are supplied from local sources. (The display cabinets coming in from Long Sault.)

Last groovy question asked as I snapped photos, “After all of this is done, who would you rather be? The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?”

“I have to say the Rolling Stones. But George Harrison is my favourite by far.” Laughed Langburt.

Groove Cannabis can be found at 1380 Second St E, in the East Court Mall, open at 10am every day. The phone number is 613-935-3717

Post Author: Adam Gibeau