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Much like all great stories, the origins of Greenlock starts with two brothers, added in with a combined 20 years of experience in farming and sales, and a mission to provide local healthy greens to the community.

Andre and Jay Grandmaison are the two heads behind the new microgreen subscription service Greenlock, which offers a variety of microgreens including sunflower, dun peas, radish, and broccoli. These microgreens provide up to 40 times the nutrients of their fully matured plants, making them a popular food choice amongst healthy individuals.

As participants in the Starter Company PLUS program, both Andre and Jay were required to present their business plan to a group of selected panelists who would ask about the future plans for the business, and many questions about the products.

When asked about the best uses for the microgreens, the brothers both kind of chuckled and explained “They go with everything! You can eat them raw, put them in a salad, put them in a smoothie.”

“I really like stuffing some of the microgreens right into the burger patty for a fresh BBQ” explained Jay. “When you are able to put those fresh greens in the patty before you cook, it just adds something else to flavour.”

The primary offering from Greenlock is a ready to eat mix of the microgreens in the “Mighty Mix”. The Mighty Mix is available to the residents of Cornwall, and SD&G through Greenlock’s online subscription service. You can also find Greenlock’s products at Harvest Centres, used in local restaurants, and soon available at grocers.

The two brothers are highly active in the community and are key on promoting their microgreens trough farmers markets and community events.

You can check out their website to see more: Greenlock Website

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Post Author: Adam Gibeau