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In a world where people are required to stay at home and keep to themselves, many of them working on their homes and gardens, the young budding entrepreneur sees his opportunity.

Growing up, Connor Budz enjoyed helping out at the local flower shop not too far from his home in Ingleside. Over the years he has learned how to care for plants, how to cultivate new growths, and what makes natural greenery such an important part of our daily lives.

Now, as a highschool student at St Joseph’s Secondary Catholic School, Mr. Budz has amassed over 200 different cuts of rare and exotic plants in his own greenhouse, which he has readied for the launch of his new business: The Forever Green Plant Shop.

Throughout the summer months Mr. Budz will be growing and propagating a new variety of plants and selling the new buds (pun fully intended) at a great value to the customer.

“I know how much work people have been putting in to their gardens over the last year,” Budz explained, “Now that we’re able to open up a bit more I’m excited to see people and help them get some new plants for their homes.”

As a participant in the Summer Company program, Mr. Budz has been working with the Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre in developing his business plan and furthering his education on the different aspects of running a business.

To learn more about Forever Green Plant Shop, visit them on Facebook at: Forever Green Plant Shop

Post Author: Adam Gibeau