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Originally opened in 2019, Bud’s Records & Kool Things was the passion project of Bud O’Byrne, a Cornwall resident with a love for music and a source of joy for community through his knowledge of the music scene, his involvement in bands, and his adventures into stand-up comedy. Tragically and suddenly in April 2020 Bud had passed away, leaving his family, friends, and customers wondering what would become of the record shop.

Enter Jason Lavoie, long-time friend of O’Byrne, who had bonded over shared interests in music, had played together previously in bands, and now who had the idea along with his partner Emily to help carry on his dear friend’s dream of running a record shop.

Jason and Emily spent a lot of time discussing the prospect and they eventually approached his late friend’s wife Angie. Soon after, she gave her blessing to the idea and the two parties met to finalize the details.

“He (O’Byrne) wouldn’t have wanted it to just shut down.” Lavoie said.

That legacy lives on as Bud’s Records continues to grow to meet the demand of music lovers. Even managing to navigate throughout the pandemic, Bud’s Records started getting creative with how they were connecting with the community through social media.

After participating in the Digital Main Street program offered through Invest Ottawa, Bud’s Records was able to work on developing their digital presence, their website, and promotional efforts such as starting new initiatives like their online auctions and listening parties.

Now after completing the Starter Company PLUS program and further developing their skills in business, Jason and Emily are ready for what comes next!

You can check out their website to see more:

& make sure follow them on social media to stay up to date with new releases!

Post Author: Adam Gibeau