Cornwall,  ON- Bray Heights is a fun and engaging experience for individuals who are a 14+ with special needs.

Catherine Lightstone, is the founder of Bray Heights, is a retired Special Needs teacher who moved to Green Valley with her husband Stephen four years ago. Catherine’s love of working with students and her love of animals prompted her to create farm-based respite programs for adults with special needs filled with educational and learning experiences. Bray Heights allows Special Needs adults to participate in a gentle, enriching program that provides a unique, individualized experience on a picturesque 60-acre farm.

“The moment we moved to this area just a few short years ago, we saw an opportunity to give back to the community we so love living in,” said Catherine Lightstone, Bray Heights owner, and founder. “What better way to do that than give rescued animals a home and Special Needs adults a place to explore, flourish, and thrive?”

Bray Heights Farm offers both day and overnight programs which offer plenty of interaction with farm animals including; rabbits, chickens, goats, mini-donkeys, horses.  Guests are also welcome to enjoy peaceful walks while experiencing rural life on the farm.

The enriching sensory activities are paired with relaxation as the farm is surrounded by the rolling hills of Green Valley and offers tranquil spaces such as a water fountain with nearby benches, a large gazebo for meals and indoor activities, and wide walking paths for increased safety.

Bray Heights clients experience hands-on activities with the animals that can involve grooming and holding (depending on the animal’s size, of course!). Nature walks, picnic lunches, and gardening are offered seasonally, as well as evening campfire activities during the overnight sleep-away programs.

Bray Heights is located at 20015 County Road in Green Valley, they can be reached by phone at 613-525-4997 or online: