Cornwall Ontario – Good nutrition is the foundation for a healthy and fulfilling life. This is the primary message of The Nourish Market, a new e-commerce business in Cornwall offering the best quality protein with the highest bioavailability.

Local nutritionists Kylie Jurchuk and Josee Filion have worked together for many years in the health and fitness sector, first as coach and student and now as business partners.  They began to see a correlation between with many female client health issues and lack of protein in their diet.

“Our busy lifestyles leave many moms not eating enough protein in a day because they don’t have time to prepare,” says Ms. Filion. “Supplementing with a protein shake can fill that void in just a few minutes with a good blender.”

The duo have used their expertise in nutrition to develop protein powder products that provide 20 grams of protein per scoop – perfect to add to your morning smoothie, muffins, pancakes, and SO much more. Each offering features only the highest quality grass fed beef and is free of gluten, GMO and dairy.  There’s a very short ingredient list, no fillers and only nutrient dense ingredients.

“We knew that we wanted to offer the most nourishing protein powder and as nutritionists we understand how important protein is for overall health,” says Ms. Jurchuk. “Not all protein powders are created equal.”

The Nourish Market currently offers two flavours – Vanilla and Chocolate with plans to add additional products as the company grows.

Products are available online at the company website, which launched on April 20, 2023, The partners plan to host a launch party on June 17th with special guests from the community.

You can connect with the Nourish Market online at: