THE COUNTIES, Ontario – SDG Counties is launching a new brand that will focus on the good work being done in our region related to economic development.

‘Made in SDG’ has been created by SDG Counties Economic Development as a platform to provide information on grants, services and programs available to our businesses and not-for-profits. Likewise, this new branding will highlight ‘Made in SDG’ success stories related to consumer experiences, new product launches and local business highlights.

“We are proud of the stories of our people, and we’re excited to share their tales of growth and success,” said Tara Kirkpatrick, SDG Counties Manager of Economic Development. “In SDG Counties there are boundless opportunities. We have some of the lowest-cost housing in the province and our quality of life is what the Canadian dream is made of.”

‘Made in SDG’ has its own Facebook social media channel, where regular updates will be posted. In addition, SDG Counties’ economic development web page is being revamped to include the ‘Made in SDG’ brand.

“Our economic development web presence is being augmented this year,” said Kirkpatrick. “We have already been adding new feeds to our economic development site, including access to census data that markets our region as an amazing place to live, operate a business and raise a family.”