Hannah Lavictoire –  Hannah Lavictoire, Visual Artist

Creating art for over a decade, Hannah Lavictoire decided to start a business Hannah Lavictoire, Visual Artist, for other people to enjoy.

Miss Lavictoire uses acrylic, ink and other mediums, she creates eclectic pieces ranging from large bright canvases to black and white pieces. People will be able to buy these pieces online or at markets.

More recently Miss Lavictoire has begun creating original jewelry and can be seen with a camera in her hang around Cornwall and Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry region.

“While there are many talented local artists, some of who have inspired me personally, I think every artist is unique.” Hannah explained. “ A lot of the pieces I create are inspired by the people I meet or stories I hear.”

As a participant in the Summer Company program, Miss Lavictoire has been working with the Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre in developing her business plan and furthering her education on the different aspects of running a business.

To learn more about Hannah Lavictoire, Visual Artist, visit them online at: