When there’s something new to talk about, you had better believe that Doug Kuhn has found something old.

D.D. Antiques is a unique collectables store located at 1203 Second St. W, (next to Cowan’s Dairy) which features a wide variety of vintage collectables such as a rare 12-pack of 1950’s Coca Cola bottles, a five-foot panoramic World War I photograph, a signed 1980’s Buffalo Sabre’s hockey stick (signed by the team), original Lone Ranger action figures, and more phonographs than you can shake a stick at.

Owner Mr. Kuhn recently moved his business from Bank St. in Ottawa, to Second Street in Cornwall, where he originally lived 30 years ago.

“Part of what brought me back was being closer to my family.” said Kuhn. 

As a delightful coincidence, he noted that his neighbour next to the business was someone he went to high-school with and hasn’t spoken to in over 40 years.

Apart from the collections of antique advertising and collectables, the assortment of phonographs is a special part of Mr. Kuhns offerings. He has been collecting, selling, and repairing them for over 30 years and is one of the only technicians in Eastern Ontario who can do so. There are rare Canadian phonographs in his collection as well as ones he has been repairing and modifying.

When asked about how Covid-19 has been affecting his business Mr. Kuhn spoke about having to navigate the digital transformation, moving some of his collections online. Without physically being able to attend markets and shows like the Christie Antique and Vintage Show he has relied on an online presence to connect with clients.

(Since 1988, the Christie Antique & Vintage Show has been attracting dealers and buyers from across Canada and the United States. In its over 30-year history, the show has grown to be Canada’s largest and most favourite antique show.)

“I’m probably part of at least 20 different buy & sell groups,” Kuhn explained. “Some days I feel like an archeologist when I discover treasures.”

Doug is always available to take house calls to view estates, knickknacks, or to take a peek at whatever collection you may have amassed.

Purchases can be made in store located at 1203 Second St. W, or find him on Facebook here: DD Antiques