October 10, 2020
By Candy Pollard

Cornwall Ontario – The Co. Lab is on the move to Downtown Cornwall!  This dynamic team of small business owners work together to help you get your business launched or rebranded.  With a core unit of 5 lab mates, as they call themselves, and a small army of remote specialists, these entrepreneurs are working to extend their offerings to small businesses.

“Our former location in the business park was affordable and made sense at the time, but we want to get closer to the action and introduce the co-working concept”, said Karine Parthenais of The Co. Lab.  “I’ve been to many co-working spaces over the past few years in New York City, Ottawa, Toronto, Edmonton and have seen what is happening with co-working spaces and how beneficial they are to small business owners, and we need that here.”

The new location at 163 Pitt Street is currently being transformed from a gift shop layout that it has been for many years into something with a really cool vibe, complete with exposed brick wall.  

“We are really excited about where we are headed”, explained Ms. Pathenais.  “There has been a lot of talk about co-working for the past few years, but I don’t think it was really understood.  Co-working is not just a cubicle to sit and work.  It should be an inspiring space where you are surrounded by creative people feeding off of each other.  A space with a vibe, with all of the amenities needed by small businesses and, good coffee!”

The new space allows The Co. Lab to offer space to local business owners to pay a drop in fee to work for a few hours or a day.  It will provide the opportunity for entrepreneurs to get away from the kitchen table or their small basement office, work with others and access amenities that they may not have in their own offices.

The Co. Lab currently receives many enquiries, both from local entrepreneurs and from businesses outside of the city, to come in and work for the day, meet with clients, work on their business, and service their clients.  The long-term goal, is to offer memberships as well as short term use options.  

The 5 core businesses that form The Co. Lab are a team of motivated business owners who understand exactly what you need to feel more confident online.  

  • The Co. Lab – Karine Parthenais 
  • Framed Photography – Jason McNamara
  • Olivia Lynn Design – Olivia Barton
  • Social Sorcery – Alycia Douglass
  • Katie Verhoeven Consulting – Katie Verhoeven

The team also works with other marketing entrepreneurs who are experts in Shopify, Pay Per Click, Email Marketing, and more.  

It is expected the new location will be ready to open by the beginning of November.  

Website: https://thecolabcafe.com

Phone: 343-885-9505

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thecolabco.co