Cornwall Ontario – The Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre will be holding a number of webinars over the next weeks to help business owners adopt best practices.

The Spring Webinar 2020 Series is a continuation of the Centre’s popular series of seminars for entrepreneurs and those exploring the idea of entrepreneurship. Previous series have been held via in-person seminars while the latest series will be conducted by webinar, to fall in line with the COVID-19 social distancing guidelines.

Presentations will be led by industry professionals in all areas of business and are free and open to all to attend. Here is a list of the upcoming webinars:

Business PlanningFriday, May 1
12 pm
A business plan is a recognized management tool used by successful and/or prospective businesses of all sizes to document business objectives and to propose how these objectives will be attained within a specific period of time.Register: Click here
Financial ForecastingWednesday, May 6
12 pm
A financial forecast is an estimate of future financial outcomes for a company or project, usually applied in budgeting. An accurate forecast sets your business up for success in the future.Register: Click here
Fear to FutureFriday, May 8
1 pm
Hosted by Dr. Thorin Gault, Nexus Chiropractic. The past two months have produced unprecedented challenges for most of us – both personally, and in business. It is also a time of incredible opportunity. We have the opportunity to come out the other side better than ever. Better than we would have been had Covid-19 never existed. In order to take advantage of the opportunity, we must know how to learn from, adapt to, and grow from the current chaos we find ourselves in. This webinar will explore practical ways to dive into the fear and panic of this crisis and use it to our advantage. It will help you to develop a plan moving forward and teach you how to harness the energy required succeed at a higher level in the future.Register: Click here
Branding and AdvertisingMonday, May 11
12 pm
Getting your business ready to market and understanding your target market is imperative to operating a successful business. This seminar will explore the foundational components of branding establishing your brand and building a successful marketing plan.Register: Click here
Social MediaFriday, May 15
12 pm
People are spending more and more time on devices with every day that passes. Underestimating the importance of having a strong online presence is a big mistake. Join us to learn how to present your business effectively and turn visitors into paying customers.Register: Click here
#FEASTONTuesday, May 19
2 pm
Hosted by Valerie Keast, Culinary Tourism Alliance. It is an important and appropriate time to come together and build, and the agri-tourism sector is a great one to focus on. Building on the momentum of the Eastern Ontario Food Conference and the Agri-tourism summit, we are excited to be working with the Culinary Tourism Alliance to bring information on the FEASTON program, which highlights restaurants that support and serve local produce and products as part of their business plan. Following the COVID-19 Pandemic restaurant patrons will have an appetite to know where their food is coming from and support restaurants that are bringing in Ontario sourced products. Join us and learn how your restaurant can become FEASTON certified and the benefits that will have for your business..Register: Click here
BookkeepingWednesday, May 20
12 pm
Whether you are planning to do your own bookkeeping or hire a professional, it’s always smart business to be on top of your finances. Properly structuring your business bookkeeping will save you time and money in the long run. Join us to learn more about saving time and money and making sure you have the correct information at tax time.Register: Click here
Home Based Business & Travel ExpensesTuesday, May 26
12 pm
In business, claiming the correct expenses is extremely important to your bottom line, and the amount of taxes that you will be required to pay. This includes travel expenses as well as any home-based business expenses you may be eligible to include. This seminar will outline the type of expenses that can be claimed as an expense for your business, as well as what receipts and paperwork are required.Register: Click here
Website DevelopmentFriday May 29
12 pm
Don’t have a website? Wish yours was better? Join us as we explore the process of creating a website and what you should be considering as you plan out the purpose and content of your site.Register: Click here
Greening and Growing Your BusinessWednesday, June 3
12 pm
Why is sustainability a priority? How do I make my business more sustainable? How do I reach green consumers? These and other questions will be answered in this free, interactive, one-hour presentation will be hosted by Geoff Hendry, Business Development Coordinator at Click here
Search Engine OptimizationFriday, June 5
12 pm
Once you have a website you want it to appear high on the Google ranking. There are some things you can do that will help this happen. Our speaker will provide information so that you understand what can affect your ranking and activities that can help.Register: Click here
Business TaxesTuesday, June 9
12 pm
Taxes are a fact of life – HST, Income Tax, Payroll Taxes and so on. Understanding what you are responsible for as a business owner is half the battle. Join us as we explore the different taxes businesses must be concerned with and how to be sure you are in compliance.Register: Click here
E-CommerceFriday, June 12
12 pm
Are you considering selling your product or service online? There are a number of things that you should consider before jumping in with both feet. We will explore a number of facets of online selling to help you maneuver your way through E-commerce.Register: Click here
Banking and Payment ProcessingWednesday, June 17
12 pm
Join us and learn about credit ratings, what banks look for when assessing loan applications, and how your banker can assist you. We’ll also take a look at some of the Payment Transaction options available on the market today.Register: Click here
Google AnalyticsMonday, June 22
12 pm
Establishing a website is a good start, but gathering, interpreting and using the statistics it can provide will help you to make decisions on advertising and marketing that will strengthen your business.Register: Click here

Each seminar will run for approximately 90 minutes. Please check each seminar link to register and confirm times.

The Business Enterprise Centre actively organizes and supports over 2 dozen professional education seminars each year.