Our staff is available to meet with you by appointment to provide you with the information you need to get your business started and to grow it successfully or expand your current business operation.

This time can be used to discuss:

  • Your Business Idea
  • Business Start-Up Procedures
  • Your Business Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Business & Marketing Plans
  • Business & Marketing Plan Review
  • Market Research
  • Creating an Online Presence
  • Social Media
  • Financing Information
  • Roadblocks in the Planning Process
  • Expansion
  • And much more

Business Consultations are complimentary and confidential. Appointments are required. Consultations typically last for one hour and can be made in advance by phone or email. Click here to set up your free consultation today.

Our business consultations are meant solely as a form of advice and direction with the concept of coaching present throughout all discussions. We encourage you to seek professional advice on legal, tax and accounting matters where necessary.

Start Up Checklist

Getting ready to start a business is an exciting time! There are many things to consider in order to ensure your time and money are well spent.

Plan & Gather Information

  • Conduct market research: Determine if your business is viable and if there are market opportunities for your product/service.

  • Learn business basics: Understand how to set up a new business with the help of CBEC seminars and resources.

  •  Attend events and learning opportunities: Grow your network and increase your business knowledge

  • Develop a business plan: This is an essential step for planning and focusing the goals and financials of your business.


  • Determine if you need to register your business: Some businesses are exempt from provincial registration.
  • Develop a business name: Your name is a representation of your products and services and can be an effective marketing tool.
  • Choose a form of business: Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, or Corporation
  • Register your business name: Ontario Business Registration

Licenses & Permits

  • Business License and Permits: Contact your local municipality for requirements in your Township or City.
  • Choose a Location: Confirm the location meets zoning requirements. If you plan to renovate, apply for a building permit. If you plan to install a permanent sign, apply for a sign permit.
  • Protect your intellectual property: This includes logos, trademarks or creative work. Choose to register your intellectual property at www.cipo.ic.gc.ca

Provincial & Federal Taxes

Start Up Checklist PDF