Cornwall, Ontario – In the heart of Avonmore, brothers Keshava, 21, and Bhima, 18, Archibald has cultivated a flourishing business that’s more than just about greens – it’s a testament to determination, creativity, and a passion for providing the community with fresh, nutrient-packed options.

Experience the uniqueness of Golokal Microgreens, a local gem with a unique twist. Their brand fuses local identity with spiritual symbolism using the GO-LOCAL ethos. As Keshava explains, “Goloka, in ancient Vedic Sanskrit, means ‘The Spiritual Land of the Cows,’ which ties to the small herd that we hand-milk for a personal touch.” In keeping with this, the brothers maintain a small herd of cows, hand-milking them to add a personal touch to their microgreen venture.

Golokal Microgreens presents various microgreens, from the tender Micro Broccoli to the tangy blend of Kale, Mustard, Arugula, and Kohlrabi. As Bhima points out,’ Microgreens are up to 40x more nutrient-rich than their mature counterparts like kale and broccoli.’ These tiny nutritional powerhouses, cultivated in soil for approximately ten days, contain up to 40 times more nutrients than their mature counterparts, making them a perfect choice for health-conscious individuals. Keshava and Bhima are not just business-minded but also environmentally aware. Operating in a 300 sq. ft. indoor space, their innovative growing setup enables them to yield an impressive 1,000 lbs. of microgreens annually in just 8 square feet. The rapid growth cycle allows them to supply the community with fresh, locally sourced greens throughout the year.

Since its debut at farmers’ markets in the summer of 2023, Golokal Microgreens has swiftly gained a devoted customer base. The Ottawa farmers’ markets and a robust home delivery program now serve nearly a hundred local patrons. Through their online presence on Facebook, the brothers have expanded their reach, attracted new customers, and shared their journey. The story of Golokal Microgreens is not just about entrepreneurship but also about family support. The brothers’ father, leveraging his business experience, has offered invaluable advice, providing them with rent-free space for their growing operation at 2984 County Road 15 North Stormont, Ontario. As the business continues to thrive, the duo remains committed to their vision of promoting healthy, locally sourced food. The future holds the possibility of broadening their product range to include other garden vegetables cultivated with the help of a team of oxen on their farm.

Golokal Microgreens is not just a business; it’s a movement towards healthier living, a celebration of local agriculture, and a testament to the potential that determination and passion can unlock in even the youngest entrepreneurs.

About Golokal Microgreens

Golokal Microgreens, founded by brothers Keshava and Bhima, is nestled in Avonmore, Ontario. It specializes in nutrient-packed microgreens grown in a compact 300 sq. ft. indoor space; its innovative approach yields an impressive 1,000 lbs. annually in just 8 square feet. With a commitment to health-conscious living and sustainability, Golokal Microgreens has rapidly gained a devoted clientele through farmers’ markets and a robust home delivery program.