Cornwall Ontario – Time to brighten up your smile in South Dundas with the opening of a new dental hygiene clinic.

Upper Canada Dental Hygiene has officially opened its doors at 5 Plaza Drive in Iroquois within the Upper Canada Chiropractic Clinic, providing complete and comprehensive dental hygiene services to people of all ages which include “cleanings”, professional whitening, oral cancer screening, mouth guards.

Leah Lafontaine, owner of Upper Canada Dental Hygiene, opened up her business to provide access to dental hygiene care and access to collaborative health care to the community.

“Anchored to the St. Lawrence Seaway and dedicated to collaborative oral health care, and overall health care. We will always treat patients with personalized care in a compassionate, caring manner” said Leah Lafontaine, owner.

Upper Canada Dental Hygiene offers a relaxed atmosphere with personalized, caring, comprehensive treatment. They offer freshly laundered heating blankets, or regular blankets, warm face cloths after your appointment, dark sunglasses, and video streaming with noise cancelling headphones during your treatment.

“As a self-initiated Dental Hygienist, I am proud to practice alongside my daughter, Daphne who is my administrator and assistant. Our family-oriented approach is reflected in our exceptional, thorough care,” explained Leah.

Seeing an independent dental hygienist does not mean leaving your current dental office. Upper Canada Dental Hygiene will work collaboratively with your dentist to make sure your oral health care is thorough and seamless. Any x-rays that you have taken at your dental office can be shared with Upper Canada Dental Hygiene electronically and uploaded in your chart, and if you require dental restorations, dental care or care from one of your other health care providers, they can and will facilitate a referral or transfer of information to that provider.

Additional information

Upper Canada Dental Hygiene is located in Upper Canada Chiropractic Clinic in the Iroquois Plaza, 5 Plaza Drive, Iroquois. The current hours are flexible, and you can book online. You can reach the office by phone at 613-326-1246. For additional information please visit