Maxville- In the heart of North Glengarry, a family-run business is turning up the heat on reliable Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration (HVAC/R) services. Meet Chris and Robyn Neville, the friendly faces behind Neville HVAC/R INC., who have been making waves since they opened their doors in October 2023.

Nestled in Maxville, Ontario, Neville HVAC/R INC. isn’t just a local business; it’s your neighbour in the HVAC game. From the chilly days of fall to the scorching summer afternoons, these folks are here to keep your home, industry and businesses comfy and cozy.

“Thanks to our technician’s extensive experience, our work is of high quality,” said Robyn, and that’s exactly the reputation they’ve been gaining; in just a short year, Neville HVAC/R INC. has become the go-to for folks around North Glengarry. They’ve got a knack for staying on top of the latest trends, ensuring your home stays warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. And trust us, they know something about the unique needs of country living.

What makes Neville HVAC/R INC. stand out? Well, they’re not just about fixing your heating or cooling; they’ve got their eyes on everything from energy efficiency to indoor air quality. Whether it’s your cozy cabin or the local diner, these folks have you covered. “Our target customer for residential work includes those that don’t have air conditioning units”- “and those who want to access current government grants to have heat pumps installed.” said Robyn.

And for those who like their suds cold, they’ve got a specialty – brewery equipment. Chris Neville saw a gap and jumped right in, ensuring our local breweries don’t have to call in the big guns from out of town, keeping dollars local.

Living in the country means looking out for one another, and that’s precisely what Neville HVAC/R INC. is all about. A local family works hard to bring warmth, coolness, and innovation to your little slice of heaven. So, if you need your HVAC/R needs covered, look no further than your friendly neighbours at Neville HVAC/R INC. They’re not just keeping homes cozy; they’re keeping our community warm, one business and home at a time.

About Neville HVAC/R Inc.

Neville HVAC/R is based in Maxville, Ontario, and accepts appointments for commercial, industrial, and residential heating services. Ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration in many areas of Eastern Ontario. They can be reached by phone at 1 (613) 577-3727 or online at: