Eric and Marie-Rose Richer are helping people reach the unreachable with their new business, Drone Services of the Americas.

Drone Services of the Americas offers a range of drone services in sectors such as emergency first response, construction/crop mapping, sports events, lost pets or people, and others. Their drones provide drone mapping and aerial inspections – tasks that would otherwise pose risk and danger for humans to carry out.

The drones can provide cinematic quality aerial photography and videography footage.

“New technology can help solve many issues, but they can carry risks too if used improperly,” said Eric Richer. “We embrace change and innovation and are always looking for new ways to grow our organization to better serve our clients.”

Drone Services of the Americas was established primarily to meet the needs and demands of the drone industry in Eastern Ontario. However, given their proximity to upstate New York and Vermont, the business also plans to serve clients within a few hours’ drive and beyond.

There are different plans available with Drone Services of the Americas including weekly, monthly, or quarterly offerings. Also, emergency services are available on a per use basis or contract and are kept completely confidential.

Get a quote by contacting Drone Services of the Americas by email at  or phone 613-551-3275 or online at: