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By Adam Gibeau

With a September 7th grand opening just a few days away, new owner of The New Pitt Poutinerie Gabe Garcia is excited to bring back the poutine love to 309 Pitt Street. With the same previous website to order from, and an updated look, the New Pitt Poutinerie is ready for its hungry fans.

Upon arrival, the first thing you’ll note is the complete facelift that Garcia and his restaurant manager Don Hull have created in the New Pitt. Vibrant colours adorn the wall, light is beaming in from the large storefront windows, and there is a feeling of freshness in the air.

“One of the big things we wanted to do was open the front up and give it some visibility.” – Don Hull, Manager

A big part of what Garcia and Hull are doing is to try and keep as much of the food sourced from local suppliers.

Fret not, as the New Pitt Poutinerie will still be offering the classics that made fans fall in love: burgers, a wide variety of poutines, chicken, with some new additions such as paninis and subs.

One of the highlights taken from the menu is the new “Boss Burger” which boasts an impressive 5 oz beef patty and a 5 oz chicken piece nestled together on a well-dressed bun. Garcia mentioned that the New Pitt will be featuring a secret special sauce that he has been working on developing from an old mentor he used to work under.

Garcia is no stranger to the kitchen, having started his kitchen journey as young as 8.

“I can remember just being in the kitchen, helping my dad peel potatoes.” Recounted Garcia.

Some of the newer interesting items noted on the menu include the Newfoundlander Poutine, which features stuffing, shredded marble cheese and gravy, topped with green onions.

Notably there are great vegetarian options for your poutine, with vegan cheese available for those who prefer the option to choose.

But when it comes down to the brown tax, the big talk, the poutine itself, there is no denying the amount of preparation that Garcia and Hull have put into perfecting their craft.

If you will, a haiku on the classic poutine I was able to sample

Gravy is flavour
Cheese is layered and plenty
Fresh cut fries taste amazing

Be sure to check out the New Pitt Poutinerie Inc. when they host their grand opening on September 7th, and don’t miss out on the specials, they will be going on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday!

You can find the New Pitt Poutinerie Inc on Facebook, order from their Website, or call ahead (613-932-3777) for pick up or delivery.

Post Author: Adam Gibeau