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December 10th, 2020
Story by: Adam Gibeau

While finishing touches are being prepared for the upcoming revival of a local favourite at 58 Pitt St., the chefs at Daily VIP don’t want to wait for their chance to share their food with Cornwall!

In order to keep the chefs working in the kitchen while the rest of the building’s final measures are being put into place, the Daily VIP, a new pop-up restaurant looks to share its’ VIP experience with all those who order.

Offering house-made buns, burgers, gravy’s, poutines and all the classics Cornwall loves, Chef Tyler Greene speaks to what pushed them to get the VIP experience going:

“Having to wait to be officially open, and with our new kitchen being ready, Chef Alain Maltais and I wanted to showcase some of our culinary skills by making new-level local favourites to help get our name out there.”

Greene and Maltais, met originally in Moncton, NB, working at the Delta Beausejour Hotel.

Greene recalls working with Maltais, “We began like brothers when I went out west to work with friends. I immediately started convincing Alain to join me, where we spent 3 years working at the Fairmont Chateau in Lake Louise, Alberta. We crushed all the kitchen outlets in the hotel and I left before him (moving to Cornwall to start a family), and now with Covid-19, and hotels being visited less and it not being the same as it once was, I worked on having Alain join me on this new venture.”

Used to feeding up to 800 people per day at the Fairmont Chateau, chefs Greene and Maltais have experience working banquets, heading top Italian kitchens, serving at fine dining venues, and running Five Diamond kitchens. Dancing around one another wordlessly in a busy kitchen comes second nature to these fine food-enthusiasts.

With a strong culinary passion in the management team, and a powerhouse duo in the kitchen, Daily VIP looks to bring new eyes to its’ fresh food.

The Daily VIP opens today at 4pm for delivery.

You can place your order by calling: 613-550-1994

You can find their delivery menu available on their Facebook page here

Post Author: Adam Gibeau