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We’ve all heard the same story before from our parents, “Why can’t you get a job, save some money, and go off to school?” For Isaac Poirier-Hanniman this isn’t just a summer job, this is the stepping stone on the path to his next goal.

Mr. Poirier-Hanniman describes himself as  “very motivated” and a problem solver. Current problem: get a job to save money for university. Solution: instead of getting a job in the pandemic work environment, start a business. With the helpful idea to look into the Summer Company program for help launching the new business coming from his Mom, Poirier Lawn and Garden Care was created.

Poirier Lawn and Garden Care offers services such as lawn mowing, weeding, planting, and lawn edging. Immediately Mr. Poirier-Hanniman noticed the opportunity in front of him, “There is a lot of demand in the town I live,” he explained, “there are plenty of people who either can’t, or don’t want to mow their lawns, and just from walking around you can see dozens of un-mowed lawns ready for a good clean-up.”

Currently Mr. Poirier-Hanniman attends St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School in Russell Ontario, but has hopes to persue higher education in Aerospace Engineering. While working hard this summer to save for school, Mr. Poirier-Hanniman also hopes to save enough to be able to buy his first car. When asked if he had a specific dream car in mind for his first purchase he simply said “pretty much anything that can drive.”

As a participant in the Summer Company program, Mr. Poirier-Hanniman has been working with the Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre in developing his business plan and furthering his education on the different aspects of running a business.

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Post Author: Adam Gibeau