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Mobile Pet Photography

December 14, 2020
By Candy Pollard

Cornwall, ON – Beth Photography is a mobile pet photography business, dedicated to providing professional studio portraiture at competitive pricing. Owner, Beth Alexander, is a pet lover at heart and has been involved with animal rescue groups in the area.

“I love animals,” said Ms. Alexander.  “I also enjoy photography so combining the two made sense.  “Pets are members of the family, and it is my goal with every session to preserve all that is unique about your and your pet.”

Beth Photography brings the mobile studio right to your home which saves you time, money and travel.  The convenience of the mobile studio is a great option for aging pets, small pets or even pets with mobility issues. 

Each appointment takes approximately 2 hours.  About a ½ hour to take the photos, and then while you and your pet take a well deserved break, the photos are prepared for you to view.  You will view the photos on the tv screen, choose your favourites and place your order.  Simple.

Pets have personalities of their own and owners often ask how it will work if they are too shy or boisterous or just can’t seem to sit still.

“Don’t worry.  I frequently photograph anxious or nervous dogs” said Ms. Alexander.  “You will be amazed at how easily your pet can turn into a little model.  With the combination of patience, gentleness and the right tools, we can make magic happen”.

Final products are ready to be displayed either on a wall or a table top.  Beth Photography takes care of everything for you – all you need to do is take it out of the box and enjoy it!  With the purchase of any product you will receive the matching digital file for social media sharing. 

Beth Photography is located at 3292 Main Street in Avonmore. They can be reached by phone at (613) 277-7928 or online at:

Post Author: Candy Pollard