The Hounds of Cornwall Sniff Out New Location

September 5, 2019
By Alyssa McLean

Cornwall, ON – There’s a new dog in town. Karen Jones a Veterinary Technician recently opened The Hounds of Cornwall’s new location.

The Hounds of Cornwall

The Hounds of Cornwall offers dog services, such as all breed grooming, one on one obedience, canine massage and cosmetic teeth cleaning. Setting her apart from the pack, teeth are hand scaled and hand-polished shiny white, removing all plaque and eliminating doggy breath. Jones’ discloses, “That everything is done completely awake using only her patience; no anesthesia or sedation is used.”

This isn’t Jones’ first walk in the park. She has two other locations, one in Ottawa called The Hounds of Merivale, and one in Windsor called The Hounds of Walkerville.
Jones’ was drawn to Cornwall when her son first attended St. Lawrence College for the paramedic program. Jones’ describes, “While visiting him during school I fell in love with Cornwall and I relocated from Windsor.”

With 20+ years of experience as a veterinary technician, her philosophy is to ensure that each dog can enjoy a less stressful, calming environment where all health and safety precautions are taken and the dogs are happy.

Jones’ tail was wagging as she explained that her big milestone this year included pulling in more clients for teeth cleaning from the province of Quebec.

Reasonably priced between $75 and $200, Jones’ has received many 5 star reviews. “I am so humbled because I truly believe in and love what I do for a living,” explains Jones’.

The Hounds of Cornwall is located at 629 Pitt Street, with meter parking on the street or a private driveway. Hours at this location are Sunday, Monday and Tuesday 10 am till 7 pm by appointment.

Contact the Hounds of Cornwall by phone at (613) 930-2229 or reach them online by visiting:

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