Taylor Made 4 U – specialized greeting cards

Taylor-dicaire-300Taylor Made 4 U is a new business owned by Taylor Dicaire offering handmade greeting cards. Ms. Dicaire makes greeting cards specialized to you or to your event.

“I enjoy the creative side of making cards,” said Ms. Dicaire.  “I will make cards for any occasion or sentiment, generic cards that you can use for any purpose or I can customize them for you.”

Taylor Made 4 U offers a truly unique product that restores sentimentality to greeting cards by personalizing them to the recipients.  Whether it be specific colours, a special design incorporating something you have an interest in like flowers or animals, or with your own name on it, the card can be created for you.

Taylor Made 4 U aims to provide personal service through the internet, but can also be reached at upcoming markets and craft shows throughout the summer months.

You can see some of Ms. Dicaire’s various creations via the Taylor Made 4 U Facebook profile.  Taylor Made 4 U can be reached at 613-528-4062 or by email at

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