Becoming The Master Of Your Own Destiny

It has often been said that we are the masters of our own destiny, although, it can sometimes feel like we get in the way of it as opposed to being the master of it. This is where a new business in Cornwall, Personal Growth Solutions may be able to help.

Cathy WentSometimes we simply need to learn a few techniques to overcome life’s occasional speed bumps and achieve personal growth,” said Cathy Went, owner of Personal Growth Solutions. “The workshops promote self-discovery, self-determination, improved self-esteem and relationships. The tools provided are there to facilitate a path of continued personal growth.”

Ms. Went worked in the field of mental health for over twenty years and has extensive experience in developing and delivering psycho-educational workshops. Additionally, she is also a certified Anger Solutions trainer.

“People often look for ways to improve themselves,” said Ms. Went. “The means by which to do this depend on the individual and can range from learning how to say no with ease, controlling negative thoughts, improving self-esteem, solving problems assertively, managing anger in constructive ways and becoming self-directed.”

Whether you are working to become a better you, or to work through some problems you may be experiencing, Personal Growth Solutions may have the solution you need. Workshops are offered to small groups, in the comfort of your own home, at reasonable prices and are also available to community agencies.

“Ms. Went is a very caring individual,” said Candy Pollard, of the Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre. “It is obvious that she enjoys connecting with people and seeing them achieve success in their endeavours. We wish her the best as she moves forward with her own endeavours.”

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