Custom-tailored business solutions

Staffing your business is often difficult, particularly when the business has its peak times and slow times. The decision to hire someone for a short time or simply work the extra time yourself while you operate your business can be a tough one. This up and down can cause havoc on the ability of an entrepreneur to differentiate between work hours and off work hours.  Maybe the time has come to look at a custom-tailored approach to your business overload with recently opened Peak Business Solutions.

Nicole Rault“Our mission at Peak Business Solutions is to help our customers to reach a healthier work/life balance”, said owner Nicole Rault.  “We provide organized solutions, tailored to meet the unique administrative needs of each company. Our services include: English to French translation, French proofreading, record management, minute taking, business correspondence, data management, project and event management, sales analytics (Excel templates) and much more. We can even handle the work remotely or on the premises, which offers more flexibility to the business.”

With a great deal of administrative experience behind her, Ms. Rault is able to provide a helping hand in many areas of business. Peak Business Solutions can provide an extra set of hands during peak business cycles, such as year-end, inventory or tax season.  If you have a special project to be handled, or find that you must replace a staff member during vacation or time off due to illness, Ms. Rault is able to step in for that period of time. This is a great way to handle short term staffing, whether for a one-time occurrence or on a repeat basis.

“Sometimes a business owner will spend many hours working at a task that is not in their comfort zone.  Peak Business Solutions is able to come in and handle this work, sometimes in a more timely fashion,” said Ms. Rault. “This allows the business owner to spend his or her time on their core business activities and ultimately being more productive.”

“I see where Ms. Rault’s services could assist an entrepreneur to strike a more satisfying work/life balance”, said Candy Pollard of the Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre. “As the owner of a small or medium-sized business, we often feel that we have to do it all ourselves and we forget that sometimes a little R&R makes us more productive. Peak Business Solutions is able to help an entrepreneur to schedule a little R&R and relieve some stress – a winning situation for both”.

To obtain additional information on Peak Business Solutions services visit them online at or call 613-870-1723

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