Passion takes local business from home based to storefront

Red Wind Studios has now moved to the Kitchener area – we wish Ms. Doogan all the best!

Two years ago Tracey Doogan-Benoit turned her artistic skills and her passion for working with reclaimed furniture into a home based business, Red Wind Studio.

Red Wind Studios (adjusted size)As with any passion, learning is always part of it and in that respect Mrs. Doogan-Benoit is no different than anyone else.

“I have discovered new techniques and new products that are extremely exciting,” she said.  “Different techniques provide a unique look and often make a tedious job a little faster and often times with a better outcome.  It is very exciting to try out a new idea, sometimes not quite knowing how it will turn out, and end up with a fabulous looking piece that otherwise would have ended up in the garbage.”

A product that has become one of her favourites is “FAT Paint” and wax.

“FAT Paint” is a Canadian made paint that is thick and creamy, perfect for a yard sale find, a newly discovered attic treasure, or a family hand me down. It gives new life to those great pieces of furniture or decor items that need some tender loving care. This paint can provide the shabby chic, french country or sleek contemporary look that is desired. What I especially love is that it is an eco friendly, low VOC (volatile organic compound) paint that is perfect for indoor use.  And … it comes in 28 fabulous colours and is available in 3 sizes to fit any size project!  I am very pleased to be able to offer this product for sale in our shop.  I know that any refinishing enthusiast will love this product!”

Mrs. Doogan-Benoit’s enthusiasm is infectious.  You need only enter her new shop at 412 Cumberland Street to be greeted with her great smile and possibly find her up to her elbows in paint.  Each piece on the shop floor was lovingly hand done by Mrs. Doogan-Benoit herself.  You will not only purchase a piece of beautiful furniture, you will also be getting a piece of its history and transformation.

Dig out that piece you love that is in dire need of some TLC – Red Wind Studio takes great pride in the custom work they do.  Furniture can be re-purposed and re-styled to create stylish pieces while other items can be transformed into wonderful home decor pieces.

Some examples of her work include:

  • Reclaimed windows become photo frames and chalkboards
  • Old picture frames and mirrors come to life as they are updated to match your décor
  • A once loved table is artistically enhanced to become a useable piece of art
    …  the possibilities are endless.

Since opening her retail outlet, Mrs. Doogan-Benoit has also started to offer workshops.  So if you have always wanted to test out your own abilities at finishing an item, one of Red Wind Studio’s affordably priced workshops might just be what you are looking for.

“It is great to see a local entrepreneur be able to move a home based business into a storefront location and expand their offerings,” said Candy Pollard of the Business Enterprise Centre.  “This is exciting for Ms. Doogan as it is one more step forward in her business plans.  We look forward to watching Red Wind Studio continue its growth!”

What’s up next for Red Wind Studio?  Well, word has it that they are considering adding a line of unique gift items to their offerings.

Red Wind Studio can be found online at and on Facebook.

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