Once Upon A Dream Boutique

With a passion for princess stories and all the magic that comes from them, Stephanie MacRae has developed a company that takes all of the magic one can dream of and makes it available for children to enjoy right here in Cornwall.

Her brand new storefront only opened a few months ago and is already drawing adults and children alike to her magical kingdom known as Once Upon a Dream Boutique.

dreamboutique“I began with three basic princess costumes and a few wigs to go along with them, hoping people would book one of the princesses to come to their homes for a party,” said Stephanie.

As time went on, the princess phenomenon grew and so did Stephanie’s business. The company is now up to 8 custom made costumes compared to the small inventory she had at the beginning of her journey.

She has now turned her small business into an entire storefront that is also home to a ballroom style birthday room which hosts birthday parties, tea parties and princess training, a store selling various princess merchandise such as dresses, tiara’s and jewelry, a hair and makeup section and all the magic any little prince or princess could imagine.

Stephanie went to school in Ottawa for Communications and has always wanted to pursue a career in public relations and business. Growing up in Cornwall she was involved in many community plays and loved to dress up and put on a performance.

“I’ve been very fortunate as a young girl, I traveled to Disney a lot and that’s kind of where my passion came from.  I grew up in Cornwall and I thought this was a really unique thing to bring to the city,” said Stephanie.

“It’s great to see a young entrepreneur bring a unique kind of business like this to Cornwall,” said Candy Pollard of the Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre. “We wish Stephanie the best of luck with her brand new boutique and with all of her business endeavors.”

Once Upon A Dream Boutique is currently open by appointment only, located in the City Centre at 812 Pitt Street and can be found on line at  To schedule an appointment, or to book your child’s next birthday celebration, contact Stephanie at 613-937-0229 or e-mail at

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