New music academy inspires excellence

Jacqueline Kohls’ passion for music led her to pursue entrepreneurship. In addition to receiving her McGill University Conservatory of Music Certification with honors and high honors in music theory and performance, Kohls performed in various recitals as both a piano soloist as well as an accompanist to many vocalists.  After spending several years volunteering with many people, she was determined to help students reach their maximum potential in music. Now, as the proprietor of Virtuoso Academy of Music in Alexandria, Kohls gains a great deal of satisfaction in creating successful musicians of all ages.

Jacqueline KohlsVirtuoso Academy of Music is located in Alexandria and offers piano lessons to all ages and skill levels from beginner to advanced.  Students can expect to focus on expression, work on technique and develop the confidence to excel in their performance.

“Our goal is to demystify the path to excellence in music performance so that students will be fearless when playing an instrument, both privately and publicly”, Ms. Kohls said. “All coaching methods are geared to each student’s abilities and personality”.

Kohls’ personal approach stems from her desire to produce confident performers.

“The name Virtuoso Academy of Music developed due to my desire to inspire excellence in all of our students”, Ms. Kohls indicated. “We’re looking to produce confident performers, whether for a future career in music, or just to feel happy in their ability to entertain family and friends.”

Students of the academy can also enjoy the new and innovative methods of learning music. You can take advantage of a recently introduced program of digital learning such as a piano lab that facilitates the learning experience. Through the use of digital instruments and coaching methods, students can actually perform at home which can be monitored by the teacher, encouraging optimal results and convenience.

“There is a strong inclination toward the use of digital instruments and coaching methods”, said Ms Kohls. “We are becoming a computerized generation on every level. The innovative digital programs have proven to help students advance at an accelerated pace and comfortably so, especially in the area of piano.”

The academy will also prepare students for a future in music. Students will have the option to write the Royal Conservatory of Music examination. Virtuoso Academy of Music is also looking to expand their programs to embrace diverse musical instruments such as drums, guitar, fiddle, violin, harp, flute and cello.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in music, or if you are just looking to try something new and have some fun, be sure to contact Jacqueline Kohls at Virtuoso Academy of Music. They are located at 28 Kenyan Street East in Alexandria. Be sure to visit their webpage for more information.

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