Motorcycle Enthusiast Becomes Entrepreneur

It takes passion and a huge leap of faith to open your own business. John Primeau has the passion and recently took that leap, with eyes wide open, establishing Rolling Road a mobile motorcycle dyno providing motorcycle testing, tuning and performance upgrades.

As a participant in the new Starter Company PLUS program, Mr. Primeau has been able to take advantage of the assistance provided to budding entrepreneurs.

“I have a passion for motorcycles and have been a platinum certified Honda automotive technician for the past 16 years – putting the 2 together is a dream come true for me”, said Mr. Primeau. “The Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre has helped me to develop a business plan, a start-up budget and financial forecast. I’ve been able to access information on Government regulations, HST and other business topics.  Starter Company PLUS has really helped me to open the business and feel confident that I have considered everything along the way.”

The Dyno test is designed to provide a valuable service to the motorcycle enthusiast.  By performing specialized tests, Rolling Road can provide information such as total horsepower and torque, as well as efficiency in the tune of the bike.  As an automotive technician, Mr. Primeau is also able to provide tuning services to ensure that the bike is at its top performing level and he can order performance parts and complete the installation.

The motorcycle community has always been present, but has grown significantly over the past several years.  There are now just over 217,000 motorcycles licensed in Ontario and just over 204,000 in Quebec.  Riders come from every walk of life and today there are more professionals and women riding than ever before.

“Riders are passionate about their machines”, said Mr. Primeau.  “The performance and sound of it are truly important to them.  Dyno testing and tuning will get it running at peak performance, improve the fuel mileage and can give you more longevity of your engine.  It has even become somewhat of a competition between riding friends to see who has their motorcycle running at its most optimal performance.”

Rolling Road can be contacted by phone (613) 938-8102 or you can find them at different events throughout Eastern Ontario this summer such as Rosies Rodeo and Roast in Napanee July 14-16 and CowPaddy Boys Rodeo and Roast Aug 18-20.


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