Local Mommiez tackle common problem head on

It’s an issue that has been around for many years, and it is a nightmare for some parents. A wingless parasitic insect that lives among human hairs and feeds on extremely small amounts of blood drawn from the scalp.  You guessed it – head lice!  Although they may sound gross, it is a very common problem, particularly for children between 3 and 12 years of age. Mommiez Lice Removal

Having to deal with the issue has spurred two local residents and moms, Jacqueline Doucett and Jessica Foster to take action and open a new business Mommiez Lice Removal, thereby tackling the problem head on so to speak.

“There are chemical treatments available for lice removal,” said co-owner Jacqueline Doucett. “We went looking for a treatment that would not use chemicals as we wanted it to be safer for everyone.  The special comb and process that we are now using are all natural, and work extremely well.”

Co-owner Jessica Foster stresses how important prevention is.

“As parents we must be vigilant, and we must continue to remind our children not to share hats, scarves, helmets or hairbrushes,” she said. “We recommend checking your children regularly.”

Head lice can be spread through direct contact of a head or hair with an infested head or hair.  It can also spread via a pillow, headrest or similar places where you would rest your head.  A usual spot for lice to hide is the top of the crown of the head or behind the ears. If you see your children scratching in those areas it is a good idea to check.

An individual can be treated for head lice and still be infested. Ultimately, to determine if someone is no longer infested they must go through a thorough manual screening with a quality lice and nit removal comb to confirm the complete absence of lice and nits.

Mommiez Lice Removal handles this manual screening with a “magic” comb that removes the lice and the nits (eggs).  Once the screening is complete it is imperative to conduct a thorough cleaning of your home, vehicle, etc. to ensure the removal of any wayward lice or nits. As part of the service, Ms. Doucett and Ms. Foster will advise their clients of the areas to pay particular attention to.

“We would like to commend both Ms. Doucett and Ms. Foster for taking on this age old problem,” said Candy Pollard, Business Consultant at the Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre. “Their interest in also educating their clients regarding the treatment and the steps one can take to reduce the probability of becoming infested is also important.  We wish them the best of luck in their endeavors.”

You can find Mommiez Lice Removal on facebook or contact them at 343-370-6501

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