Mess’ Crazy Creatures – Stuffed Animals, Food Plushes, Pins and Puppets

Sarah Messervy has developed a love for creating and sewing stuffed animals, food plushes and puppets. With some creativity and a lot of love, she is able to create plushies that definitely have character and are fun.

Everyone loves stuffed animals – children, teens, even adults. They make great gifts for special occasions or even, just because. Imagine being able to order something special for a loved one. With Mess’ Crazy Creatures you can do just that. A special colour, a specific characteristic, a reminder of a lost pet, a favourite food. There are so many possibilities.

Connect with Mess’ Crazy Creatures to see what she has already created – you may find something that tugs at your heartstrings. Want something specific? Contact her to discuss your vision and see if it is possible.

Mess’ Crazy Creatures can be reached online at:

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