MeepleMobile Brings Something New to the Table

Cornwall, Ontario – MeepleMobile introduces a mobile board-gaming event service that brings the party to you.


MeepleMobile brings a library of board games to your space/event for attendees to play along with a facilitator (Jonathan Ramundi, owner of MeepleMobile) to help recommend, set up, and teach games as needed. The company’s collection of over 100 unique titles offers options for board gamers of all skill levels from beginner to experienced.

Mr. Ramundi was at a crossroads in his professional life, and rather than continue down the same path he had for the last 8 years, he decided to take the road less travelled. He made the decision to try his hand at the world of entrepreneurship and turn an almost decade-long passion into a career; A passion he’s looking to share with others.

“I’m hoping to provide an alternative form of entertainment for local residents,” says Ramundi. “Modern board games are something many people either don’t know much about or are intimidated by and don’t know where to begin. My hope is to ease these people into modern gaming and help them find games they love and can enjoy with friends and family for years to come.”

Board games have been a source of entertainment for families and friends dating as far back as 2000 BC, but with an ever-increasing focus on teambuilding in the corporate world, MeepleMobile’s service could be an exciting new addition to your existing or future plans.

“I think board games (and board gamers) can be used as a tool for personal and community growth,” says Ramundi. “For example, I believe fundraisers or other charitable events centred around board gaming could be highly successful, so I’m very much looking forward to being a part of such events and am excited to see where the business goes in that regard.”

For the seasoned gamer, MeepleMobile hopes to provide them with new games to play, more spaces where they can enjoy their hobby, and new people to meet and share that hobby with. It’s no secret that board gamers are always looking for new players to show off their new games to.

Some event ideas to consider MeepleMobile for include:

  • Game days/nights at pubs, cafes, and other establishments
  • Corporate events for team-building, networking, and employee wellness
  • Weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and baby showers
  • Festivals, fundraisers, and other charitable events
  • After-school programs for schools and youth organizations

MeepleMobile can be reached by phone at (613) 363-5124 and online at:


For those who are wondering what the term “meeple” means, it’s a person-shaped board game piece. It is most commonly associated with the game Carcassonne, and has become the unofficial symbol of modern board gaming.

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