Taking A Divide And Conquer Approach To Business

Jean-Luc Mallette describes himself as a practical person who likes to divide and conquer …. separate a business into individual processes, analyse and optimize each piece and integrate everything back methodically.  A novel approach to business, but one that has been working for him for several years.

“I am fortunate that early on in my career I found I had an aptitude for IT (Information Technology), electronics and end-to-end project management, and that I enjoy the work,” said Mr. Mallette.  “I have worked with international companies, crown

corporations and Government departments, and I have travelled for business for many years.  The time has now come for me to put down roots in this community and to be an entrepreneur.”

Mallette & Associates is your “go to” consultant.  An expert in design, management, installation and troubleshooting IT upgrades, the entire process will be worry free.  Mr. Mallette is also qualified and active in ISO, technical, procedural and policy writing.  Having a passion for business improvement, mentoring and community involvement leads him into many different types of projects and is one of the key components in his drive to provide excellence in service.

“Information technology is a big world,” Mr. Mallette explained.  “A world that is constantly evolving.  From front line IT systems to backups and even alarm systems, Mallette & Associates will plan, organize and simplify your systems, among other things.”

Everyone needs that go to person who can logically cut right to the chase.  Someone who has the resources to solve problems and make your systems work as you need them to work for your own business needs, not for the needs of a generic business.  Mr. Mallette describes his network of associates as being similar to “6 degrees of separation” but most tend to be more like 2 degrees apart.  It really is a criss-cross of connections as the continual collaboration strengthens with each project.  These resources are integral for analysis and design of software and hardware management, system integration testing and document management.

Mr. Mallette has taken the steps to ensure customer confidentiality as he is bonded and has security cleared to secret certificate.

Mallette & Associates can be contacted by phone 613-794-3105 or email

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