Local Handcrafted Wooden Decor Embodies Country Charm

Mack Lemieux-Laplante knows all about the value of wooden items in warm rustic homes.Growing up in a country home himself, Mack was inspired and discovered his talent to refurbish local wood into luxurious handcrafted kitchenware, a gift he found at an early age.He decided to pursue entrepreneurship and went on to create Country Turning to share his exquisite product line.

Mack 11Country Turning offers specialized handcrafted and customizable wooden turned items spun on a lathe. You can choose from an assortment of products, specializing in homemade bowls and ranging from plates, candle holders, spin tops and various other assorted items.

Mack describes how he gathers his inspiration for the creation of his exquisite works.

“The beauty of the raw wood inspires my creativity”, he explained. “I love the way every piece of wood creates a unique product in its little subtleties. This distinctiveness of each item makes everyone of them special in their own way. Preserving a piece of nature is an art form that I am truly passionate about, and the final result makes it all worth it.”

Complement your rustic home and enjoy a wide range of wood selections with Country Turning including Maple, Walnut and Padauk. Customers will also have the ability to customize the products according to size, colour and shape.

“I am open to suggestions”, said Mr. Lemieux. “We can fully accommodate any requests to suit your personal needs. Our underlying goal is customer satisfaction and we work hard to achieve that standard”.

Experience the brilliant collection today including the showstopper dark crimson Padauk bowl atCountry Turning by visiting them on Facebook or by calling 613-362-6804. Mack will also be featured outside of Marlin’s Orchards and Garden Centre and several festivals.

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