Joel’s Fitness: A Starter Company Plus Profile

By: Josh O’Reilly

July 11, 2018

Joel Lascelle Owner of Joel's Fitness

Joel Lascelle has a goal: to make a positive change in Cornwall.  After recently becoming certified as a Developmental Disability Fitness Specialist and having taken part in the Starter Company PLUS training program through the Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre, that goal is quickly becoming a reality.

Joel’s Fitness is now open in Cornwall and aims to help those with disabilities set and achieve their fitness goals. Lascelle’s website states that “Part of my mission is to empower and to help gain independence.  For some, that means gaining strength, improving flexibility, losing weight or gaining muscle mass. These all contribute towards a more energetic and productive lifestyle enabling you to perform more tasks independently.”

In certain cases, those with disabilities benefit from a personal trainer as their fitness plans need to be customized with an emphasis on safety. This shapes one of the three pillars that the business promises: safe, effective, enjoyable fitness. Creating healthy and fun habits that are customized to focus on specific disabilities will lead to a higher quality of life for clients of Joel’s Fitness. The new business owner hopes that, over time, Joel’s Fitness will also serve as a good community support system for his clients.

This business was years in the making for Lascelle, as he has always searched for a way to make a difference for those with special needs. His youngest brother has cerebral palsy, a disorder that affects muscle tone, motor skills and movement.

“The experience of growing up with my disabled brother made me understand the importance of him having a healthy and active lifestyle”, says Lascelle.   “I want to help others learn to work within their abilities and gain a better quality of life.”

About Joel’s Fitness

Joel’s Fitness will operate at NAV Fit, the physical fitness centre located within the NAV centre. Services are provided on an appointment basis; get in touch with Joel’s Fitness by email at or by phone at 613-361-9611.

You can find Joel’s Fitness on the web at or on Facebook at


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