Local recruitment company focusing on customer service and sustaining the planet

Kensington Park Recruitment was born out of a belief that staffing industry clients and applicants should be better served. Owner John Parsons has a solid background in HR recruitment having worked in the industry for the past several years. However, over the past year he found that he was unhappy with the direction that he saw the industry taking, and decided to establish his own agency. Kensington Park

“I take pride in operating a powerhouse agency with a boutique agency feel – something that I feel is missing from the larger national recruitment agencies. I want to earn the right to become an extension of, and indeed a part of, your HR team.”

Kensington Park Recruitment sources the people an employer wants on their team. Temporary or permanent, short term or contract – your needs are first and foremost in their mind.  With a networking capability that does not stop at 5pm, coupled with advanced testing and interviewing, Mr. Parsons is confident that Kensington Park Recruitment is well positioned to undertake dedicated permanent hire searches for any business.

At the same time he stresses that Kensington Park candidates and applicants are not numbers or names to fill open orders.Their success is ultimately his success. Kensington Park Recruitment has a fresh approach to staffing services, and offers value added opportunities to their candidates and employees:

  • Free training workshops and seminars
  • Personal one on one Interview preparation
  • Smartphone app to keep you up to date on events & jobs
  • Email paystubs
  • Resume review and design

“Employees of Kensington Park Recruitment, applicants and job candidates are the cornerstone of my business,” said Mr. Parsons. “I am driven to service our clients to their complete and total satisfaction and consider employment seekers and employees as our clients as well.”

Mr. Parsons is also a strong proponent of giving back and taking care of our world. Supporting the goal of greenhouse gas emission reduction, he has committed that for every 5 temporary and each permanent placement, Kensington Park will have a tree planted in the client’s name through the Carbon Farmer program. Additionally, Kensington Park Recruitment is also now Bullfrog Powered.  A premium is paid on their electricity consumption which is invested into renewable energy, which is then fed back into the power grid.

“It is wonderful to see our business community growing, providing great customer service and taking care of our planet at the same time,” said Candy Pollard of the Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre. “Our residents and businesses will benefit from the services offered by Mr. Parsons, as well as his personal goal of sustaining the planet. We wish him much success!”

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