Investigative services with a female touch

You retire and quickly discover that you are not ready for retirement.  So what do you do? Take a private investigators course, and open a business.  Sound like something out of a movie? Maybe, but that is exactly what happened to Carol Villeneuve.

Until recently Private Investigating has been a man’s domain. This no longer is the case as many women are entering this field with superb qualifications and a nose just as close to the ground as their male counterparts.  Surveys have shown that in some cases it is even preferable to have a woman investigator.  Ms. Villeneuve is enthusiastic about the path she is following in her retirement. She is certainly in an industry that is male dominate, but feel that being female gives her somewhat of an edge.

“There are many reasons to hire an investigator,” explained Ms. Villeneuvve. “PI’s are hired to find information, for individuals, businesses or attorneys. I work in areas such as criminal cases, civil liability, insurance fraud, child custody and missing persons. I can even be hired to conduct pre-employment screenings, background profiles or to uncover marital infidelity.”

I C Investigations is a full-service, fully insured, bilingual, private investigation agency servicing the province of Ontario.  Ms. Villeneuve is well versed on what legal procedures are used to gather information. This includes electronic and physical surveillance, database searches, interviews and other methods, to gain access to information that is relevant to her clients’ cases.

Ms. Villeneuve has been successful in the past 18 years specializing in missing persons, tracing and adoption. Retired MPP Jim Brownell was instrumental in assisting her to lobby at Queen’s Park towards opening Ontario’s Sealed Adoption Records.

I C Investigations is somewhat unique in being owned, managed and serviced by a women,” said Candy Pollard of the Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre. “Ms. Villeneuve brings a unique set of skills and talents to the business, providing a broad range of services.  We anticipate a positive future for her business.”

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