The second round of the Digital Main Street program is now open for application

October 25th, 2019
By:  Candy Pollard

Cornwall, ON – Digital Main Street provincial grant program offers small businesses $2,500 in non-repayable funding and assistance in the implementation of digital technologies.

Digital Main Street

Made possible through funding by the Province of Ontario and the Ontario BIA Association, the program objectives are to help small main street businesses across Ontario in adopting technology to help with their online promotion, sell online and run back-office processes online.  Applications will be accepted until December 31st, 2019 or until funding runs out, so it is important to act quickly.

To qualify for the grant component, your business must first meet the following criteria:

  • Pay commercial property tax (commercially assessed), either directly or through commercial rent.
  • Have 1-99 employees.
  • Be located within a BIA or within a defined central business district or downtown by a municipality’s OP / ZBL.
  • Must be a registered business in Ontario and/or incorporated
  • Be owned by someone 18 years of age or older at the time of application
  • Be owned by someone who is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • Be owned by an Ontario resident or operating a business in Ontario

Your business will be required to take an online assessment of your current technology use.  Based on that assessment, your business will create a “Digital Transformation Plan” based on a template that will be provided. This plan will outline which digital strategies you will implement and allocate how the grant money must be spent.

Once the plan is complete, you can apply for the grant. There are only 2,000 grants available so it is essential to apply as soon as possible.

For additional information and to access the online assessment please visit

If you require assistance with the grant application, reach out to the Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre by contacting Ryan 613-930-2787 ext 2276 or Candy 613-930-2787 ext 2277.

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