Glengarry My Home

Glengarry is an area rich with history, and community members are passionate to share their knowledge of the region.

Cory Hagen thought that Glengarrians deserved a clothing line so that they could wear their county pride close to their chest. Glengarry My Home is a clothing line that includes their flagship product, the Glengarry sweater.

Glengarry My Home has partnered with various charities and local schools so that a portion of his sweater sales goes to helping those in his community. Get your sweater and wear it proudly to the Highland Games!

You can find and purchase your Glengarry clothing apparel at the Rob McIntosh Outlet in South Lancaster, connect with them through their Facebook page or call them directly.

To learn more about Glengarry My Home, you can call 613-861-1885 or email


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