Cornwall residents create innovative product for trucking industry

Steve Kelly, transport driver and Lisa Cook, dispatcher understand the security issues that transport companies and their drivers face – they live it every day.

IMG_2272Working together, Mr. Kelly and Ms. Cook have opened a new company Freight Guard, and created a new product called the SSL (Seal, Shield and Lock).

The SSL by Freight Guard surrounds the currently used freight seal so that it is hidden on the trailer, making it impossible to know if the trailer is empty or loaded when it is on the highway or parked unattended. Consignees are becoming more reluctant to accept shipments if the seal has been tampered with. Using the SSL by Freight Guard will assist in eliminating this issue.

“Our product adds a new level of security to the current system,” said Ms. Cook. “The SSL by Freight Guard is installed easily and directly in the place of the current locking system, making it extremely challenging for anyone except the driver to manipulate the locking device to gain entry into the trailer.”

Mr. Kelly is very optimistic that the SSL by Freight Guard will be recognized as a must have product for the transportation industry. “To the best of my knowledge, there is no other product available that offers this kind of security,” he said. “We are currently introducing it to several transportation companies who have all shown strong interest.”

“I was totally amazed with this product when Steve introduced it to me,” said Edwin Duncan, owner of JED Transport. “I was unsure of what he was talking to me about during our initial phone conversation, but when I saw the product, I knew that it was perfect to be added to our trailers to enhance our C-TPAT program for trailers entering the USA, and give me peace of mind for the security of our cargo on our trailers. Great idea Steve!”

Freight theft is a $30 billion a year issue. For years the transportation industry has been using the same locking device to secure the loading doors on tractor trailers.  Has it been effective?  In a word, no. We protect our homes with locks and alarms, and we do our level best to make them as difficult as possible to break into. So why not do the same on our valuable cargo that goes up and down the highway? The value of cargo in a trailer can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, therefore keeping it secure is a concern for all transportation companies.

As they put the final touches on their Patent application, both Mr. Kelly and Ms. Cook are looking forward to taking the SSL by Freight Guard to the entire transportation industry. To obtain more information, contact them at 613-937-4442 or by email to

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