ForresterFilms – Promotional Photography & Video

Cameron Forrester has always had an eye for finding the perfect shot. It only seemed fitting that this passionate videographer and photographer open his services to the business district of Cornwall and SD&G.

ForresterFilms is a company that offers professional level promotional videos and photos for local business owners in the Cornwall and SD&G area. Located on Pitt Street, ForresterFilms studio is in the heart of Cornwall.

“My services are appealing to new and existing business owners because of my unique approach as a young creator,” says Forrester, “I’m eager, innovative and passionate about what I do.”

Fully equipped with some of the latest technology, ForresterFilms is focused on helping all types of businesses. He’s particularly looking forward to working with businesses in the start-up phase to help them experience the start they need.

“I think working with a new company will allow for excellent collaboration, uniqueness and innovation”, says Forrester.

To learn more about ForresterFilms, you can follow them on Instagram @forresterforreal or on YouTube @forresterfilms. To inquire about his services and rates call 613-662-9929.

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