Feeding the vehicle junkie !

As far back as he can remember, Michael Hozjan has loved cars.  Throughout his career he has worked in other industries only to eventually find himself back involved with cars in one way or another.  So it really is no surprise that he has now printed his fourth Adrenaline Klassic Plus magazine, and is planning the fifth.

TimeBombNo4Adrenaline Klassic Plus is a full sized, bilingual magazine that does justice to the classics as well as today’s cars, bikes and trucks, and pays homage to the people behind them – the builders and the owners.

The magazine is jam packed full of professional photos (yes, Mr. Hozjan has photography credentials) of street machines, restorations, classics, muscle cars and even motorcycles and bikes.  The book (so much more than a magazine) features stories on the restorations, the people who do them, the designers, and more.

“I guess I could say I have come full circle,” Mr. Hozjan explained.  “I have a photo of myself taken when I was about 5 years old.  I’m sitting in the kitchen on a small stool.  All around me are toy cars of various sizes, one motorcycle, a plane, a toy camera and an old Underwood typewriter.  While I never really thought much about that picture, when I started writing for Wheelspin News on that same typewriter, I realized that my life was laid out right there in that photo.  Producing Adrenaline Klassic Plus, is the culmination of everything in my life since I was 5 years old, and I love doing it.”

At 160 pages, in full colour gloss, the book is one that is read cover to cover, and then re-read.  Great photos will keep the car hound in you happy, and articles featuring the designers, builders, and restorers will keep you entertained and amazed at the efforts that go into these machines, both the old and the new.  At a cost of $14.95, the magazine is a great value.

“We also have a small pocket sized 48 page piece called Adrenaline Klassic & Moto which is given away at tracks and tradeshows,” said Mr. Hozjan.  “We have developed a very loyal readership – in fact, at some venues I am known as Monsieur Adrenaline.  The interest that people have in vehicles is amazing, they just can’t get enough.  We work to provide a quality publication to feed that interest!”

Adrenaline Klassic Plus is not just about full sized vehicles either.  Readers will find articles and plenty of photos of miniatures – the collectors, traders, their stories, all of those interesting tidbits of information that makes you feel like you are part of it.  Another sector often featured is the artistic community.  Imagine an artist who creates a piece representing a 3 foot + scale model of a Ferrari in motion, from wood.

The magazine also researches and interviews the other side of the world of vehicles as well, with articles on appraisals and even insurance. The world of vehicles is broad and touches the lives of so many people from so many different walks of life, and yet revolves around one thing – vehicles !

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