Getting away from life and re-connecting

Joanne Gauthier is a horse lover. She is also a people person who believes humans can learn from listening to nature. Creating a calm and relaxing place where horses are the teachers and humans are the students became her passion. That passion is now a reality with the recent opening of her business Equus Wisdom Ranch.

DSC_0681Equus Wisdom Ranch offers individuals a place to go when you need to get away from life and connect with nature, specifically horses.

Equus Wisdom Ranch provides an opportunity to be in the moment and release that great breath of air we may have been holding in our lungs all day, all week, all month, and for some of us, all our lives,” explained owner Ms. Gauthier. “There is no judgement here at the ranch. You can come in, explore your inner self and relax in the presence of horses.”

Equus Wisdom Ranch operates on the belief of Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning. This school of thought assists in building strong leadership and empowerment skills to be more confident, congruent and aware through interaction with horses. This results in a better focus, better communication, stronger trust, motivation and respect.

“Most people are more willing to accept feedback from a horse than they are from humans, as there is no judgement in the horse’s response,” said Ms. Gauthier. “Horses can sense any indecision or insecurity that humans experience. This can help in changing old thought patterns so that we are able to move toward positive change, and develop emotional agility.”

Ms. Gauthier has studied and obtained certificates in Reiki, Aromatherapy and Homeopathy which she believes are complementary to the program she now works with. Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (F.E.E.L.) is what she believes has a stronger impact in our lives and she has recently received certification in “Psychological First Aid” with the “TEMA Conter Trust”.

“Ms. Gauthier is certainly passionate about the benefits of Equine Experiential learning,” said Candy Pollard of the Business Enterprise Centre.  “Her passion is infectious as is her love of horses. We wish her much success as she moves forward in educating and assisting her clients.”

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