DOME Online Media Solutions – digital marketing

Andrew Daigneault is helping small business owners propagate their brand across the Internet.

domeAs a Computer Programming student at Durham College, Mr. Daigneault has his finger on the pulse of the internet.  He also understands the level of commitment required to make the most of the on-line tools available to businesses.

Mr. Daigneault understands that, given its popularity and cost effectiveness, digital marketing is an extremely good way to advertize your business. However, creating websites and setting up and managing social media pages is often a task that eludes business owners given the complexity of having a prominent online presence.  DOME Online Media Solutions provides an excellent solution to this problem.

Through his new business, Mr. Daigneault offers businesses personalized website development assistance and social media support.  With a well designed plan and consistent execution, businesses will greatly benefit from marketing through the online world.

DOME Online Media Solutions also provides digital imaging services. Digital imaging is the norm in all modern photography technology. Photographs are digitally captured by nearly all cameras on the market, however managing these images can prove to be difficult. DOME Online Media Solutions also provides services to alter your digital images to provide your business with the most professional look possible.

DOME Online Media Solutions can be contacted for Internet and digital imaging services at 613-662-0645 and or visit them online on Facebook, Twitter (@DomeOnlineMedia), LinkedIn and through their website at

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