Dogz and Katz Coiffure Offers Holistic Pet Grooming Services

August 20, 2018

dogz and katz coiffure susan dalmer grooming her dog

By: Joshua O’Reilly

A trip to the pet groomer can be a stressful experience, but Dogz and Katz Coiffure offer an alternative experience that can reduce anxiety for both pet and owner.

Local business owner Susan Dalmer has spent over 25 years in the pet grooming industry, previously owning a grooming salon in the Trenton Pet Hospital before moving to Cornwall in 2013. A consistent issue that her clients faced was the anxiety that both the pet and the owner would experience due to travel, and the grooming process. When opening Dogz and Katz Coiffure, she took these experiences into consideration when shaping her “holistic pet grooming experience”. Recently, she began to offer a new service that not only seeks to reduce anxiety at the groomer but also at home.

Always seeking to push the envelope in the pet grooming industry, Dalmer aligned herself with the Animal Reiki Alliance to be the first in the Cornwall region to offer Reiki services for pets. According to the Animal Reiki Alliance, Reiki is “a complementary tool to traditional veterinary care… Reiki is a non-invasive and alternative healing practice that promotes overall health and well-being.”

Reiki is a spiritual healing technique created in Japan. The alternative healing treatment is performed by a Reiki practitioner who will lay their hands over the patient and guide their spiritual energies to cause a positive change in overall health. Dalmer states that she has seen this firsthand in her practice, “I’ve spent many years in grooming and I see the stress of the human owners transfer to their pets. I hope that the Reiki sessions will alleviate stress for both owner and pet. Reiki is recognized by Health Canada as an alternative healing practice.”

Dogz and Katz Coiffure Lobby

Having previously published articles in pet-centered magazines such as Canadian Dogs, Dogs in Canada CKC and Georgian Bay Pets, Dalmer decided that animal Reiki would become a great subject to study. After creating and submitting a case study to the Canadian Reiki Association, Dalmer gained the designation of Animal Reiki Practitioner.

Dogz and Katz Coiffure has begun to offer animal Reiki at their grooming salon but they are also attempting to give back to the community through a partnership with the Cornwall OSPCA. The partnership is based on offering Reiki services at no charge to the shelter’s animals, as these animals are more likely to be experiencing high levels of stress.

Consistently evolving her professional skills has garnered some international attention. Groomer to Groomer magazine, a trade magazine that reaches approximately 25,000 pet care professionals worldwide will be featuring a story on Dalmer. The story will focus on Dalmer’s pioneering career as a holistic groomer and practitioner.

Besides the new Reiki service, Dogz and Katz Coiffure offers pet bathing and full grooming services. These services are available for both cats and dogs and mobile grooming is available at an additional cost. Both grooming and Reiki services are by appointment only.

Dogz and Katz Fireplace

Dogs and Katz Coiffure are located in the City Centre Shopping Centre at 812 Pitt Street, Unit 28.

They can be reached by phone at 613-330-2757 or through their website.

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