Cutaway Lawn Care – Personal Lawn Care Assistance

Jacques Bourdon is offering personal lawn care assistance to Cornwall this summer through his summer company; Cutaway Lawn Care. Unlike many contracting lawn specialists, Jacques is the sole member of his business, meaning clients receive his personal attention.

Mr. Bourdon prides himself in offering a professional service with close attention to detail. He offers seasonal contracts for lawn care including mowing and trimming, as well as one-time cuts.

Going away on vacation and need someone to take care of your lawn while you are away? Cutaway Lawn Care will ensure that upon your return you will find your home looking neat and tidy, and that you will not have a huge job to catch up on.

If you find you no longer have the time to maintain your lawn, or are beginning to find the task too physically demanding, Cutaway Lawn Care will solve these problems for you by automatically cutting and trimming your property on a regular schedule. Spend your time with family and enjoy other activities!

Cutaway Lawn Care can be contacted at 613-861-0224 you a can also find and ‘Like’ them on Facebook @CutAwayLawnCare.

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